Harriet Tubman

by Marceline D'Errico

Harriet Tubman's early life

1. Harriet Tubman was born a slave in Maryland's Eastern Shore.

2.she married a freed slave by the name of John Tubman in 1844.

3. Her real name was Araminta Ross, but she went by her mothers name Harriet.

4. Her dad teached her about the outdoors when she was little. That helped her on further on rescue missions.

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Harriet's later life

1. She mad 19 rescue trips and never lost a single slave through-out her 19 trips she took to give the slaves ( like her ) freedom.

2. Harriet alone escaped her slavery in 1849. After she made it to Piladelphia she vowed to help other slave have liberty.

Harriet's impact

1.Harriet was the most famous leader of the underground railroad. She helped slave get there liberty. During the Civil War she helped more than 750 slaves escape from slavery.

2.Harriet was a African American who helped slaves become free. She helped by the underground railroad. The underground railroad was a system that helped slaves get from one house to another so finally the get to states were slaves where ileagal or get to Canada so they were free.

I Got This Info From Worldbook online.com 2014