Natalie Wright

AP Biology Student

Where do you go to school?

I go to Northwest Whitfield High School, where I'm a sophomore.

Favorite Subjects:

Any type of math, biology, and chemistry.

Career Aspirations:

I'm not 100% sure about what career I'd like to have, but as of right now I'm thinking of being a molecular biologist or a doctor.

Why are you taking this course? What are your course expectations?

I've always liked biology and I'm hoping to further expand my knowledge of the subject.

Some Random Facts:

Age: 14

Sports: Swimming and Taekwondo

Family: two brothers, one sister

Favorite TV Shows: Parks and Recreation/The Office

Favorite Music Genres (because I can't pick just one song/artist): Alternative and occasionally some pop.

Dream College: Columbia University (Ivy League AND New York!)

Pets: Two dogs, Hannah and Fiona, and one cat, Fitzpatrick.

...and that's me ↓

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Also, if for some reason you wanted it, my Facebook is