News Flash

January 4-8

Save the (Day)tes:

Monday, January 18: Snow Day

3rd Quarter AR Cut Date: March 9

What's Happening?

Math: We will review area/perimeter on Monday. Beginning Tuesday, we will be diving into fraction concepts. We will spend the majority of January working on fractions. Multiplication timed quizzes will take place M/W/F each week. Keep practicing!

Reading: We will begin a new round of lit circles on Tuesday. All novels will be award winners! Lit circles will continue to meet Tuesday/Friday. We will also begin a weekly IREAD practice test starting this week. We will begin learning about point of view this week and distinguishing our own perspectives from that of the author of the text (3.RN.3.3).

English: We will begin chapter 5 this week. DOL quiz on Friday.

Writer's Workshop: constructed response writing

Spelling: r-controlled vowels, Tic Tac Toe due Thursday, Test Friday

Health: We wrapped up all Indiana Academic Standards for grade 3 health at the end of first semester. We will continue to switch for Science with Mrs. Wolf and Social Studies with Mrs. Seal. During our scheduled health class time, I will be using that time as an opportunity for ISTEP prep. We will alternate math and reading/writing each week. This will be time in class that your child will get practice with constructed response items, problem solving items, and writing to a prompt practice. Feel free to email me with questions.

Religion: verse to be memorized by Thursday