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September 24, 2021

rose lane principal letter...

Hello, Rose Lane Parents and Caregivers!

The temperature is gradually cooling down, the sun is setting earlier, and within a few short days, we will be wrapping up the first quarter of school. Our grading period ends on Friday, October 1st, with dismissal at 11:00 AM, followed by a well-deserved break for our hard-working students and dedicated staff. Thank you in advance for attending to the following dates:

October 4th - 8th: Fall Break

October 11th: Quarter 2 begins

October 20th, 21st, and 22nd: Parent - Teacher Conferences (please look on our calendar for dismissal times).

First quarter report cards will be available to you in the Powerschool Parent Portal, and teachers will review them with you during Parent-Teacher Conferences. They will also go over the results of our in-district MAP testing, in both reading and math. Similar to this past year, conferences will be done virtually, with some times available for in-person conferences as needed. Please be on the lookout for information from your child's teacher related to signing up for a conference time. We are excited to share your child's success at school with you!

I would also like to encourage you to pay your activity fee at this time, if you have not already done so. Not only does this pay for our recess program, but it also allows us to take field trips and host author visits during the school day. We are planning to have field trips at every grade level this year, during the second semester of school, with specific measures in place to ensure that we are following our mitigation plan. Please make your payment online through your Powerschool Parent Portal by clicking on this link: https://msd38.powerschool.com/public/ Thank you so much for helping us to promote these enriching experiences for kids.

We are looking forward to a wonderful second quarter with outstanding events planned by the Rose Lane Rocket Boosters; a Bullying Prevention Week, and some on-campus daytime events featuring our visual and performing arts program. Our annual Thanksgiving Sharing in November is also in the works. We will share out information as the details are finalized for all of these opportunities.

Mr. Reyes and I also appreciate the support you have shown to our school through the simple act of following our safe drop-off and pick-up procedures. Please - for the safety of our students, staff, and visiting families - use only the crosswalks when crossing Rose Lane or 12th Street, whether at the intersection or from campus to Madison Baptist Church. Please do not cross in the middle of any streets, as this is not safe due to the volume of cars both arriving and leaving our campus during these busy times. Finally, please observe and comply with the directions of our staff who serve as crossing guards. They are stationed in specific positions in order to keep kids safe, yet we have had many drivers who, when arriving or leaving school, have ignored the crossing guards and have driven through the crosswalks when the guards are clearly displaying the stop sign. We realize that sometimes safety procedures represent an inconvenience to your comfort and your schedule - but safety trumps convenience every time. We thank you in advance for remaining alert, attentive, cautious, and in compliance with our safety procedures.

Have a terrific October break with your family near and far, and stay well as we get ready to jump into a fantastic fall at Madison Rose Lane.


Rose Devine

Principal, Madison Rose Lane Elementary

News from Rose Lane's Assistant Principal...

Hello Rose Lane Families,

Another wonderful month has just passed and I just want to thank you all for continuing to ensure that your children are here at school each day. It is incredible to think that our first quarter is coming to an end already.

Today I just wanted to use this opportunity to ask that you remind your children that they should be making sure to leave all toys at home. In the recent weeks we have had some issues with pop it’s, pokemon cards, and fidget toys. The first concern with these is that they can create a lot of distraction in the classroom’s when the teacher is trying to provide instruction. Students can become fixated on these items and end up missing out on valuable instructional minutes. The second concern is that many students are trading these items here at school or are losing them. The trading becomes a major concern because it takes away valuable time from the teacher when they try to assist with tracking down an item that was traded between students. I really appreciate your assistance with this and thank you for your continued support of Rose Lane.

I don’t want to take away from the amazing things continuing to happen here at Rose Lane. We are continuing to promote our Golden Ticket system and each week classrooms are getting an opportunity to win the Rocket Trophy and be announced on our school wide video announcements. We are also continuing our weekly positive referrals in which teachers get to pick a student each week who has gone above and beyond. These students get a special shout out on the announcements by me.

As I said earlier, thank you all for everything you do to support Rose Lane. I look forward to what the rest of the year will bring us! Take care!

Andre Reyes

Assistant Principal, Madison Rose Lane Elementary

rose lane event calendar...

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Dance Class news...

It has been an amazing start to this school year!

Students are so talented and eager to learn! 4th graders are working on tap dancing. 3rd graders are working on modern jazz dancing. 2nd graders are learning pop and lock and breakdancing, along with hip hop styles. 1st graders and kindergartners are working on character dances.

Ms. Lachance

Rose Lane Dance Teacher

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Music Class News...

Rose Lane Music is currently running Mr. Roach's version of "School of Rock"! 3rd and 4th grade students are learning the old classic "Wild Thing", and playing it in small ensembles. All grades are having a small Friday performance in Mr. Roach's classroom. Our young musicians need to feel those performance butterflies in the stomach so that they will be prepared when the performances start again at the Madison Performing Arts Center.

Adam Roach

Rose Lane Music Teacher

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Congratulations to the August Spirit Day winners - Mrs. Huyck's class, 88% participation, Red Rose Lane T-shirt day!

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Cafeteria News...

When the going gets tough....the tough get going! A well deserved shoutout to Principal Devine for filling a spot in need and brightening many surprised faces. Thank you also to the Kindergarten teachers for rallying around and offering support to the cafeteria staff.
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Congratulations to Ms. Lavina Bahm, Rose Lane preschool teacher!

Congratulations to Ms. Lavina Bahm, who was recently honored as the 12 News A+ Teacher of the Week! Ms. Bahm is a Pre-School teacher at Madison Rose Lane, and was nominated by Olga Gorelik and her daughter, Veronica Zicari. Also included in the visit to Ms. Bahm's class are Trisha Hendricks from Channel 12 News, and Madison School District's Director for Community Education Quisha Breiling.
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rose lane rocket boosters news...

Hello Fellow Parents and Caregivers!

We hope you are doing well and staying in good health. This year has continued to be a challenge, but we're so happy to be seeing new faces and names at our PTO meetings. We'd like to thank Roxanne Montiel who has recently stepped up to be our co-secretary and will expand and renew our presence on Facebook and Instagram. She's joining Pearl Sanchez who also recently stepped up as secretary to keep our meetings well documented. We'd also Like to welcome DJ Nunez as a new officer in the organization. DJ has taken a special interest in being a future treasurer and will be working with our current treasurer to learn the day to day activities.

Just an update on our name change from Rose Lane T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) To the Rose Lane Rocket Boosters: paperwork has been filled out but the process is not complete yet. If for any reason a check needs to be written we still need to use the Rose Lane TEAM name.

A common question has been what is the difference between a PTA, a PTO and a booster club? Put simply a PTA is a dues paying organization and a Booster Club usually has specific focus on a club or activity within the school. The Rose Lane Rocket Boosters is a PTO, we do not charge our members dues and our focus is on the betterment of the entire school. We are always seeking out like minded parents that also wish to help out. If you are interested in finding ways to help out, either as a member, or just be on our list of volunteers for when we do have events, please reach out to us a contactus@roselaneteam.org

Our recent Dine-out night at Culver's was a big success. Many kids came to spin the wheel of fun and many prizes were won. We had a lot of fun hosting and really enjoyed seeing everyone's faces again. We hope all of those that attended had fun as well. Hope to see you at the next one.

Thank you all,

- your Rose Lane Rocket Boosters.

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