The Ancient Times

By: Isaiah Denney

The Ancient Indians Had An Ancient Book Of Laws

The Vedas was their ancient book of laws written down in 1200 B.C.E It came from the Ganges civilization, they already believed in Hinduism and they wanted to write a book about it, I mean they already had a belief why not write a book about how to follow. After a while, they developed another religion, Buddhism. The Vedas covers Buddhism too. Their government had to follow the Vedas too so basically everyone had to follow the Vedas. The Buddhist emperor is shown in a meditative pose in India so he was the ruler of the Vedas.

So in conclusion, the ancient book of laws was as they call it,"The Holy Vedas". If you enter India you are under the laws of The Vedas. All Indians are under the laws of the Vedas. Even if you are the king of India, you still have to follow the Vedas.