By Graeson and Brandon

Political Platform

We believe in a strong federal government and a lose interpretation on the Constitution. Which means we should have a National Bank and protective tariffs for extra profit. We also think that the federal government should be ruled by the educated and wealthy people so it can all run smoothly!

If your strong and muscular, The Federalist Party is for you!!!


We are supporters of the federalist party. You should join our party because we want things to get in your country. The Federalist think that things like a national bank would make things more organized in the country. Also we think that tariffs will help us in our deficient. We think that we should have good relations with the British because they are a powerful country and they could be good trading partners. The Problem with the Democractic-Republican Party is that the Constitution has to say what they can and can't do. What I mean is that we think that we should have a national bank. The Constitution says nothing about that we can't have a national bank. The Democractic-Republican Party calls this bank unconstitutional when their nothing in the constitution that says we can't have a national bank. The Demoractic-Republicans think that they need to be abide strictly by the constitution to get things done. they need to realize that you need to bend the rules a little bit.

Be a man of your word, unlike Thomas Jefferson, when you say you want a great nation and join the Federalists!!!

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