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By Izabel Bowie

Who Is Better? EXO K or EXO M?

Who is better? EXO K or EXO M. Well it all depends on what you think. What taste do you have in guys? What style of singer do you prefer? Tall or Short or just right? This all comes into play when comparing the 2 groups. EXO has A LOT of variety. Which makes them so great. When comparing EXO K and EXO M you have to look into 4 different categories.

Dancing, Singing (not including rapping) personality and looks. According to statistics EXO K is "better" than EXO M, but each group has their strongholds but EXO K does have more than EXO M.

Popularity also has an affect in judging in who is better and more popular. Overall EXO K is more popular. It does depend on where you live. Of course EXO K with be more popular in Korea and EXO M will be more popular in China. For more information click the link below

How has Misty Copeland become who she is with how she has lived?

Misty Copeland is a very inspiring female. She has gone through what many of us won't in a lifetime. She started of weak but got strong as her life continued.

September 10, 1982 Misty was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Her mother had become a single mom because Misty's father, Doug Copeland, had left the family when Misty was only 2 years old. Misty never met her father until later on in life. When Misty was 13, she joined the boys and girls club. Here is where she met her first ballet teacher, Cynthia Bradley. Cynthia was a big help getting Misty to who she is now. Is Misty never met Cynthia then she might not be the powerful figure she is today. When Misty was 14, She bought her first pair of Pointe Shoes. When a dancer gets her first pair of Pointe Shoes it makes her feel powerful and strong. Every ballet dancers goal in life is to go en pointe and to dance professionally when they grow up. On March 24, 1998 (age 15) Misty won the LAMCSA or the Los Angeles Music Centre Spotlight Award. Winning this award is basically calling you the best dancer in all of Los Angeles. This award also gives you a lot of recognition and winning the award when you had only been dancing 2 years is a big deal. After winning the LAMCSA's, Misty copelands life kept getting better. A few months later misty started to receive multiple scholarships and a 6 week San Fransisco Ballet School Workshop. But Misty life soon took an emotional turn when Misty took her mom to court over the shared custody between Misty's Mom and Misty dance teacher Cynthia Bradley. Though Misty and Cynthia had lost that battle other losses came with. Misty could not make the commute to the boys and girls club and home the amount of days she danced so Misty had to quit dance at the boys and girls club. Misty soon had to find a new dance studio and teacher. 2 years later when Misty was 18 she was now dancing professionally with the ABT or a.k.a The American Ballet Theatre. On August 20, 2004 Misty Copeland had met her dad for the very first time. How sweet.

Misty Copeland didn't live the most perfect life when she was young but now look at how she is. A very succesful african american soloist for the American Ballet Theatre.

Problem and Solution

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Will EXO members Tao and Lay join Kris and Luhan?

Kris and Luhan have both left EXO because of the company they were signed up too. SM entertainment. SM entertainment is a record label an talent agency that is located in Seoul, Korea. Kris, 1 of the members from EXO had left because he had felt that he had been away from his family to long. Kris had also been rumored to have myocarditis. A disease that affects the heart. Kris was spotted leaving the hospital May 15, 2014. Is this because of his disease? Did SM overworking him causing him to develop symptoms that have worsened? Luhan had left EXO because he felt as if SM Entertainment focused to much on EXO K and played favorites between the 2 groups. Kris and Luhan are both Chinese and were in the sub-group EXO-M. The remaining to Chinese members are Tao and Lay. Tao has left EXO April 16th of this year. Leaving only Lay being the only Chinese member left and only 3 in EXO-M and 9 in EXO, altogether. Lay is rumored to leave as well but it is not confirmed. Will EXO M only have 2 members left? Or will the 2 members join EXO K? with they take members from EXO K and move them to EXO M? Who knows what will happen next?


Want to know more about KPOP? Read this article to find out more about the best music genre in the world.

Kpop or Korean Pop is a genre of music based off in South Korea. Kpop has many different styles such as dance-pop, pop ballad, electronic, rock, metal, hip hop and R&B. Kpop started in 1992. Kpop had a light shinned on when Seo Taiji & Boys became popular. Kpop has spread now to Japan. The Japanese like the sound of Kpop they decided to do the same thing, except in their native language. Creating J-pop.

In order for a new band to be know they must go through long periods of training and rehearsing. Kpop artist will participate in promotional activities. Korean Music Programs will hold these activities. Some of the programs are know as Music Back, The Music Trend and Music Core. Another way Kpop artist get known is with something called a "comeback stage" when they make a really big deal about the artist and all attention is on them. Band will create teaser videos for their comeback stage or a music video. Teasers are release within days of the music video, so if you see a teaser get ready for a MV!

Dance is also another big part of why Kpop is so cool. These talented singers will sing their hearts out and dance to it at the same time! Choreographers make the moves catch to when fans hear the song they can get involved and do the dance with the idols on stage!

If this sound interesting to you, i would totally investigate and start listening to some awesome music!