Solution to Pollution

Kristal H. B2

Importance of Clean water

Without clean water it makes day to day life harder. If you drink or use polluted water you could develop a water born illness which could lead to death. We need clean water to drink, cook, keep good hygiene, and more.

Compared to the U.S.

Though the US has clean water for just about everyone we are still polluting and one day we will run out of clean water sources. Other countries are less fortunate then us and are trying to clean their water. We need to stop water pollution before it starts.

How to Fix water pollution

  • Giving everyone access to indoor plumbing and trash pick up to correctly dispose of waste will decrease the unwanted pollutants in the water supply
  • Use less chemicals and pesticides thats runs off into the water supply and contaminates it

3 of the top 10 places in need of clean water