Aegean Sea

By Destin hemphill stow hr2

  1. Its located in eroupe
  2. The sea covers 214,000 kilometers and maximum depth is 3,543
  3. The aegean islands all along greese can be divided into 7 groups

Physical Characteristics

  1. stargazer,wrasse,dolphins,seals,turtles,black sponge and green sponge,tube sponge,black sea urchin,octopus, cuttle fish,algae and kelp.
  2. water type blue turquoise transparent water
  3. climate 13 to 14c

Human Characteristics

  • It had many myths to do with the sea
  • Their were many ports built for all traders
  • turkish and greek
  • myths include theseus and the minotaur and the destruction of santorini by volcano eruption
  • greece is a constitutional republic
  • many ports for trading were built for trading and shipping
  • Ankara

Natural resources

Its on a coast with islands and lots of trees


The aegean sea is located between turkey and greece it has many islands along with wildlife and the people trade and ship products between country s