Mrs. King's 2nd Grade Class!

May 20, 2016

Field Day

What an amazing morning making memories, celebrating the end of an amazing year, and just enjoying each other! Thank you to all the families that came to help out, or that sent in donations. We are so blessed to have an amazing support system here at TCE!

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Hollingsworth for the hats, face paint/tattoos, and flags! Another HUGE thank you to Mrs. Holman for teaching us all about Australia!!!

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This week, Kennedy's brother and mum joined us to teach us more about Australia! We learned about some typical foods they eat in Australia, sports they play, and learned about some different animals they have in Australia! The students got to take an Australian biscuit, or cookie, called a Tim Tam and see a real sugar glider! What a great opportunity for us to learn about another country! Thank you Mrs. Holman for sharing your expertise with us!
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Mystery Number Skype with Miss Vetter!

This week we did a mystery number Skype with friends from HPE in Miss Vetter's class! During this time, we got to put many math skills we have learned this year into practice. It was so fun connecting with an "old" TCE teacher and friends from the other side of the district!


This week we paired up with friends in Miss Kinney's class to create parachutes. The students had a few "required" items they had to use, then they could choose others to add to it. They did amazing job testing them out, and tweaking them to make them even better. We discussed that is probably the process toy makers go through as well. Create a product, test it out, and then tweak it to make it better! Ask your child what he/she made theirs out of!

Capture the Flag fun!

Did you know kids learn a lot through play! This week we paired up with Miss Kinney's Class to play Capture the Flag! The classes were divided up into 2 teams. Each team had 1/2 of the playground to hide their flag on. Then the other team had to capture the other teams hidden flag without being captured themselves! It was so fun watching the kids come up with strategies to help them capture the other teams flag!

2nd Grade Pizza Party

Permission slips for our 2nd grade pizza party were sent home. If you haven't returned your child's permission slip along with the $3 to cover the cost of lunch, please do so as soon as you can! Thank you! We are looking forward to a fun lunch celebrating all we have learned this year!

Lunch Change for the last week of school

Monday: Soft Taco or Taco Scoops

Tuesday: 2nd Grade Pizza Party!!!

Wednesday: Calzones/Pull- Aparts/ Pizza Bites

Thursday: Chicken Patty/Hamburger/

Pizza/ Cheesy Breadsticks/ Fish & Mac & Cheese/ Chicken Nuggets

Late Yearbook Orders

The PTO is accepting late yearbook orders. The extra books will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. In order to have your name put on the list, you will need to pay for the book. The price of the yearbook is $20.00, and checks should be made payable to TCE PTO. Checks will be returned if there isn't a book available. Please contact me if you are unsure if you have ordered a book. Yearbooks will be delivered to students on Monday!!

Important Information For Next Week

Mark your Calendar!

  • May 21th - Geist 5K
  • May 24th- 2nd Grade Pizza Party
  • May 26th- Last Day of School!

Next Week's Specials

Monday 5/23- Day 5: Music

Tuesday 5/24- Day 6: Art

Wednesday 5/25- Day 1: P.E.

Thursday 5/26- Day 2: Music

We are Learning...

Our last 4 days together will be spent wrapping up any unfinished projects, working on end of the year assessments, and making memories as a class! I am so super sad to say good-bye to this amazing group of 2nd graders, but they have all the tools now in their tool belts they will need for 3rd grade. I know they'll all do amazing!!!