Black History Celebration

Friday, February 12

The Liggons are Coming!!!!1

Some of you may remember the Black History Month assembly we held in the library several years ago, featuring African drum instructor Jerome Liggon and his talented wife Liz. We are bring them back for grades 2-6 in grade level assemblies. There will be a 15 minute reading and display of Liz's Quilting book with discussion, followed by 25 minutes for Jerome to introduce students and faculty to the significance and fun of African drumming.

From Africa to America

Friday, Feb. 12th, 9:15am

Elementary Library

Times listed below - all students grades 2-6 bring your eyes, ears and hands!!!!

Schedule of Presentations

6th Grade 9:15-9:55

4th Grade 10:05-10:45

5th Grade 10:55-11:35

2nd Grade 12:20-1:00

3rd Grade 1:10-1:50