With a B.A.N.G.!!!

Be a Nice Gentleman and Donate

Our Mission

Our mission is to collect as many winter clothing to give to the Longmont Rotary Club Coat Drive. Donations are also accepted.

Why are we doing this?

  • 45.3 million people have lived in poverty for the past 3 years. (This means that they cannot afford quality winter clothing)

We want to make a difference in the Longmont community and help the people around us.

B.A.N.G a Shot

Friday, Dec. 5th, 6:30pm

4901 Nelson Rd

Longmont, CO

Come support the boys Varsity Basketball team in their first game of the season!

During half time:

Holding an event to collect winter clothing and donations

  • One coat/ winter clothing donated + $1= 1 Free throw shot

All winter clothing/ coats collected will go to the Longmont Rotary Club Coat Drive

Coat Drive!

We will be holding a Coat Drive at Silver Creek High School.

There will be a bin located in the:

  • Front Office

There you can put your extra winter clothing you don't need, then receive a raffle ticket.

Donations are acceptable!

For every winter clothing you donate you receive 1 raffle ticket, or donate $5 and receive a raffle ticket.

Winners will be chosen on______. Only 3 winners so try to put in as many tickets as possible!

The winners will receive a large bag of candy.


If you have any questions, contact:

Trevor Pickett- picket.trevor13@svvsd.org

Trent Dykema- dykema.trent30@svvsd.org

Nicholas Grasinger- grasin.nichol24@svvsd.org

Matt Zelibor- zelibo.matthe07@svvsd.org