Brian's Return

By: Gary Paulsen


Brian| Suzanne

Caleb| Carl

Billy | Mom.

Setting: The Canadian wilderness. Modern time.


Brian has started school again since his encounter of the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash. He is having a hard time because everything that his friends talk about doesn't interest him at all. Then a girl named Suzanne asks him to go with her to a small hangout restaurant after school, and her ex- boyfriend Carl overheard this. So after school they went and so did another one of their friends (who wasn't actually invited) but as they were walking in Carl shows up. He slams the door open and hurts both Suzanne and their friend. So Brian gets mad and completely beats up Carl. After that Brian had to start going to therapy. His therapist knew that nothing was wrong with him so Brian just came and went over the weeks describing the wilderness. Finally Brian decides to go back to the wilderness for a while. On the plane ride there he meets a man named Caleb who understood him. So when Brian was in the wilderness he traveled by canoe to find a family named the Smallhorn's on his way he encounters animals, himself and meets someone named Billy who reminded him of himself and showed him his "medicine" animal, a deer. The deer showed him step by step where to go during his journey.

Gary Paulsen

Kenya Contrasts by William Himes

Music- Kenya Contrasts