Amazing Foods from Italy

By: Theodora

Fish in Italy

In Italy people eat fish such as sea bass,tuna,and sword fish.

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About how people from Italy use white kidney beans.

White kidney beans are used for Italian dishes or meat soup. Its an Italian food.

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Northen Italy sauces.

In northen Italy rich sauces are made with cream.thats what you use in northen Italy sauces.
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Tortellini Soup

Sausage is made in tortellini soup and that is a Italian food.
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Eggplant is made in a lot of foods.
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pasta in Italy

Many people use pasta in their cooking.
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Harvesting Olives to make Olive Oil

To make olive oil Italians harvest the olives. To do this they put cloth down under the olive trees. Next they beat the trees with a long stick. The olives fall down on the cloth. Then the farmer takes the olives to be made into olive oil. Then the people eat it.