Night of the twisters!

By Tyler Larson the auther is Ivy Ruckman

Night of the twisters flyer is here, with importiant information about the 7 tornados seen

main characters

* Dan Hatch, the main character

* Arthur, Dan's best friend

* Ryan Hatch, Dan's little brother

* Stacy, Arthur's older sister

* mom, Dan's mom

supporting characters

* dad, Dan's dad

* officer Kelly, the police officer who drove Dan to the police department

* Aunt Goldie, Dan's aunt

* Mrs. Minitti, who took Dan to his jail cell

* grandma Hatch, Dan's grandma

* grandpa Hatch, Dan's grandpa

* police chief, who scolded officer Kelly

* construction guy, who said Dan cannot enter Kmart

* Mrs. Smiley, the old women who got trapped in her basement


Grand Island Nebraska on South Locust Street

Tornados have been sighted near Grand Island Nebraska.

Here is 5 fun facts about tornados.

1. Most powerful tornados occur in the the U.S.A.

2. Most tornados last only 5 to 10 minutes, a 1 hour tornado is very rare.

3. Each tornado has a different shape, color, and sound!

4. Most tornados occur at 3pm - 9pm.

5. If you drive 70 mph, you can outrun the worlds fastest tornado.

Problem and Solutions,

1. The first problem and solution is when the tornado was about to hit Dan went to go get Ryan, then the tornado hit. Then when the tornado was over, Arthur, Dan and Ryan were stuck in the shower but then Stacy came to rescue them.

2. Then the next problem and solution was when Dan could not find his mom. Dan looked every were in town. Then Dan was walking on the side of the rode, then Dan's grandparents car comes by and his mom was there with his grandparents.


Dan and Arthur were at the beach when it got dark out. So they petled home on there bikes. When they got to Dan's house they started to eat diner when there dad came in and told them that he was going to the farm. Then after that Arthur, Dan and Ryan were watching TV when there mom left to go see Mrs. Smiley. Then the TV interrupted saying that there was a tornado alert, so every body went downstairs. Then the tornado hit and then there house was gone. The an hour later Stacy rescued them. Then they found Dan's mom. Then Dan, Arthur and Stacy went to rescue Mrs. Smiley, They Finally Found Mrs. Smiley and rescued her. Then they got a police ride to Kmart, but a tornado hit them so they went to the police station. Then Mrs. Menitii showed them to there cell were they will sleep. It was a long nigh, but then it was morning. Arthur and Stacey found there dad at the armory. Mrs. Menitii and Dan went to find his mom. He looked for her at Kmart but a construction guy said everybody evacuated all over. Dan was walking on the side of the rode when a familiar car came by and it was his mom! After that Dan and his family rode to the farm were they were going to live for a few weeks.