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northern guilford h.s. media center

Spring Cleaning

We're welcoming the vernal equinox (Latin for equal night) today at precisely 6:45 p.m. with a little spiffing up of the media center. We all appreciate variety and it's worth it to change things up. Think about taking your kids to a different location on campus, rearranging your classroom, bringing in fresh flowers, or taking down those old assignments. Small changes can make a big difference. Spring is here and, in just a few days, comes a glorious spring break with lots of time for a good book!

Collaborative teaching in the media center this week

Teri Larocque's AP 11 English classes have been in the media center doing a writer's workshop designed by Alicia Mooney-Flynt. Students sit a few to a table and go through a checklist, self- editing and then having peers edit their essays. When they are ready for a teacher conference, they apply a sticky note to their shoulder for the teacher to meet with them. The AP classes are working on 3 essays, finalizing them using this process.

Jessica Lin's Honors English 10 classes have been working on a multi-genre project, reading fiction and non-fiction on a topic of their choice and then working on a research project. It's been fun matching up fiction titles with current events topics. Anna Smith's Honors English 11 students used the iPads last week to access print sources on Points of View on, a great source for pro/con database research, and Destiny to find books and ebooks.

What's Appening?

I came across this list from across the pond about the Top 100 Tools for Learning. It's a great list of many apps you know and love and some that you might not be familiar with. If you're looking for some inspiration, take a look and try something fresh.

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Great job BOB!

The team broke 100 pts. in the a.m. to make the finals. The afternoon at UNCG was rougher, but all enjoyed a good competition. Thanks to Jessica Lin for co-sponsoring the BOB team.

Photo by Tammy Gruer.

Beautiful classic books online

The Library of Congress provides access to some beautiful children's classics. Take a look at the Complete Version of ye Three Blind Mice. (I didn't know all that happened to those poor mice.)