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Happy New Year

Welcome Back!

I hope this message finds you all well with time to rejuvenate and restore. As we jump into 2020 and look ahead to trimesters 2 and 3 it is important to recognize where we have been and where we are heading.

We have made significant strides in shifting from a mindset of teaching to a mindset of student learning which is evidenced by the restructuring our school day with Collaborative Planning Time and CORE. To continue the path of school improvement our CAPs Team has been working hard to bring an intentional focus to support your collaborative teams and share best practices. I am so very proud of all the hard work being done as we enter year three bringing these proven theories into practice.

We will continue our professional development with continued focus on the founding four questions of our profession. We will continue to review John Hattie’s research surrounding visible learning and the number one most significant impact on student achievement being Collective Teacher Efficacy I cannot thank you all enough for submersing yourself, though hard and uncomfortable at times, in discussing essential standards and creating common formative assessments. Not to mention the mind shift you have embraced with UDL and looking on how best to address and identify barriers to student learning. It is this mindset that builds a tremendous culture and the reason our school is such an amazing place to be; I am excited and look forward to continuing work with you to build this foundation in the weeks ahead.

In this spirit, we will be presenting CPT Late Start to be voted on when we return from break. We are excited at the possibility to continue to have time during the school day to permanently remove the biggest barrier to our collaborative efforts which has already proven to be the catalyst in making huge gains for student achievement.

As we return from the New Year, it is a great time to revisit classroom expectations and routines. Focus on bell-to-bell instruction, reinforce good work habits/citizenship and communicate well with parents.

I am certain that this new decade will start with promise for great accomplishments for our School! Thank you for all you do to make Colina Middle School a place that no one wants to leave!

“Culture is created in the classroom and revealed in the hallways”- Phil Boyte

My best wishes for a healthy New Year-


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