Time to get Cooking!

20% Project

Impact of my Project

Now my project involves cooking for my family and the major impact is being a helping hand for my family. My mom got a promotion just before Christmas and has started working very late into the evening. Considering I was already making dinner every Monday (for this project) this is helping my mom relax a little more because she doesn't have to worry about a hungry family that is starving. Another impact is that I learned how to make some of my favorite meals like meatloaf, mac n' cheese (not from a box), and chili. I'm really expands my cooking horizons and this can help me when I finally move out and go out into the real world.

Facts (Recipe Directions):

Why I Picked this Project?

I picked cooking because I wanted to be more helpful at my household because with my dad always being busy and with my mom working late I felt like I should do something to be more helpful and I thought what better way by making a warm homemade meal. Another reason is to learn better cooking skills so when I finally move out I can make my own meals instead of going out to eat all the time. In my opinion cooking is a very important to learn how to cook.


Some challenges I faced so far are sometimes not having enough ingredients in the house to make the meal I wanted too, my brother complaining about the food (that jerk), and being busy sometimes with other things like homework or studying for finals. But I try to overcome it because every time I make dinner my mom really appreciates it.

Oh, and I forgot one last challenge I face is sometimes I cook the food at the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius because that's in the danger zone!

The last and final challenge I face is my brother is going through a vegetarian phase and I must abide by his stance and help make other alternatives like using tofu and other substitutes like use a lot more veggies in his meal.

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