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Happenings In Panther Nation - May 2019

I’m sure many of you faced the same decision I did this morning; what to wear!! Nearly every morning, I look in my closet and go through a process to determine what to wear. My process tends to involve what type of activities my day includes. From there, I begin to go down a checklist that includes:

  • Formal or informal events?

  • What colors fit the activities?

  • What climate will I be exposed to?

  • What image do I want to project?

  • How do I feel right now?

I know that in my world, the truth is that I have too many clothes! I stand there each day and CHOOSE what I want to wear on that day based on what I will face during the day. Some clothes fit certain activities better. Some will portray the most desirable image for our district. Some have the power to change my feelings, and honestly, others just make me feel comfortable! But in the end, I have the opportunity to CHOOSE the clothes I want to wear, and my CHOICES will help dictate my success.

I think just like CHOOSING our clothes each day, each one of us has the opportunity to CHOOSE our attitude each day. We can CHOOSE to see the world as positive or CHOOSE to see it as a challenge. We can CHOOSE to attack our situation with a growth mindset or CHOOSE to be stuck in our fixed mindset and see everything as a barrier. We can CHOOSE to embrace change and progress, or we can CHOOSE to believe that every initiative is an attack on us.

The reality is that we not only have the CHOICE, but we have the responsibility to model making the right CHOICE. We have parents that are relying on us to help them by being positive mentors to their children. We have a generation of students that face so many negatives and are craving for a positive person to interact with them.

Making a choice to have a positive attitude is not hard. It takes the same effort it takes for us to change clothes when we don’t like the way we feel in the ones we are wearing. How about we focus on CHOOSING to change to a positive attitude when we find ourselves wearing the wrong attitude? #WeBeforeMe



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School Board Update

During the May Board Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

The School Board canvassed the ballots from the May 4, 2019 school bond proposal.

Board members Carolyn Booker and Mike Kelly were sworn in for three-year terms.

Christine Bedre discussed Texas Lesson Study program that was implemented with the Kindergarten teachers during the 2018-2019 school year.

Kim Gilbreath delivered the annual Health Services update to the School Board.

Wade Stanford presented a reflection of the 2019 School Bond Proposal and updated the Board on the May 9, 2019 Facility Advisory Committee meeting.

Dr. Kyle Penn presented an overview of the programs that are under the special allotment funding and the Districts process for monitoring these programs. He also presented a summary of the 2018-2019 budget to date, including amounts spent and projected revenue.

Dr. Kyle Penn presented an update on the process of selecting a Food Service Management Company.

Dr. Kyle Penn presented an update on the food pantry initiative. He reported that the shared tables are very popular, and the High School will be continuing to develop the food pantry.

Dr. Kyle Penn presented a overview of the designation of fund balance for funds that exceed the recommended amount from TEA. This item was the first read and will be presented as an action item in the June meeting.

Dr. Kyle Penn, Wade Stanford, and Richard Bishop presented possible capital improvement projects to the Board. These included the renovation of the Primary campus to include a vestibule entrance and upgrades to the existing weight training area. These items were heard on a first read basis. The Primary renovation will possibly be presented as an action item in a future board, and the weight training upgrade will be presented as an action item in the June meeting.

The School Board and administrative staff continued discussing the book Instructional Rounds in Education. Chapter 4 was discussed this month, and the board and administrative staff will continue this discussion over the next several months.

The School Board unanimously voted to expand full-day four-year-old Pre-Kindergarten to include non-qualifying students for the 2019-2020 school year at no tuition expense to the attendee's families.

Teacher contracts were acknowledged as presented.