Jews Beliefs and Customs

by Wade Scott

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Judaism is a religion that believes in one all powerful God. They believe that he created the world and that there is no beginning and end to him. They look out of two books. Some prefer one over the other saying that one is the word of God. The two books are the Torah and Tanakh.


There was a man named Jesus that was born once and claimed to be the Messiah saying he was the savior of all. Jews thought he was a false prophet and did not believe he was the Messiah. The Christian religion believe he wasn't a false prophet. But the Jews crucified him on a cross for being a false prophet with the help of the Romans.
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The Tanakh is the Hebrew Bible and the main source of information that Jews feed off of for their religion. It has three different parts to its scripture.

Place of Worship

Most Jews worship at a Synagogue or temple on Saturday.
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The three different branches to the Judaism Religion

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613 commandments

A Jewish philosopher named Rabbi Maimonides found 613 commandments in the Torah and since they have become a standard list of what God requires of the Jews. The list isn't official but it has been well received by the Jews since the 13th century.

The first commandment

For an example of one of the 613 commandments, the first one is to know that God is real.
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Passover Dinner

In the Jewish religion they have a Passover dinner to celebrate the story of Exodus. When Moses lead his nation out of the life of slavery in Egypt

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