The Lunar Chronicles

By Marissa Meyer


This book is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles where the main character Cinder is introduced. She is a cyborg half human, half metal. The world is more advanced now in this era where all the earth is in peace and are a reunited together. But there is a also Lunars who live in the Moon and have a community there. Recently Kai's father died because of the plague which is on earth. But what they don't know is that the plague came from the Lunars where their queen Levana trying to overcome the earth. But back at Cinder she gets invited to the Ball which Kai invited her, to only discover the truth about Cinder's past.


This is the next book of the lunar chronicles where new characters are introduced: Scarlet, Wolf and Thorne. Scarlet who has the same age as Cinder has to find her grandmother who is in severe danger. Meanwhile she finds Wolf who is a street fighter and finds Scarlet. Wolf knows where her grandmother is and like that she takes her to find her. While this is happening Cinder is in jail because she is a lunar and was brought here when she was young. Also in the ending of the first book she realizes that she is the lost long princess Selene and now teaming up with Thorne they broke out of jail and took board of Thorne ship who is also a fugitive. Now they are the most wanted in all earth, and levana is treating to attack earth