Maha Sidhom

My Family

I am blessed with a loving husband and two energetic young children. my son is 6 and my daughter is 2 years of age.

My career

I am an Early Childhood Teacher with 11 years experience in the Early Childhood Field. During my professional journey I have worked in Preschools, before and after school care as well as Long Day Care settings where I gained experience in working with children aged 0-12 years with diverse learning needs.

I am passionate about Teaching and Learning and in providing Students/children the best possible start in life. I strive to deliver a curriculum which facilitates lifelong learning and intentional teaching practices. I have a can do attitude and always willing to learn and develop as a professional teacher.

Why I wanted to be a Primary School Teacher

Although I love young children and believe that the vital stage of a child's life is the first five years. I felt that I needed to extend my passion for teaching and learning to the next level. I feel very privileged to have experience as an Early Childhood Teacher and be able to link my current experience with my future career in teaching primary aged students. I feel that this experience will give me solid grounds in the way I teach for the future citizens of society.

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I believe that children deserve the best start in life, regardless of their gender or background. I also believe that it is part of my duty of care to help all children reach their full potential in every facet of their lives so that they may become productive members of society.

I aim to be an inspiration to students allowing each student to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, be healthy in mind, body and spirit secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a value contribution to society.

I believe this can be achieved by implementing a curriculum that will suit student’s individual needs and capabilities while providing lessons and opportunities that will teach students to become critical thinkers, intellectually curious observers, creators, and users of information above all enhance lifelong learning.