Sparta is better than Athens!

way better


Sparta is better than Athens because they live in a better place, have a better functioning government, have a more reliable economy, have more useful education, treat women better, have natural protection better than any wall, and they conquered Athens.
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Sparta vs. Athens


Sparta had better protection that was also natural


Sparta was better because they were in a less vulnerable position.


Athens government was a democracy... but a bad one! women were not treated equally like they were in sparta.


Sparta had had a way better economy because they never ran out of food, they just took some from their neighbors. Athens didn't have enogh food to sustain themselves so they rellied solely on trade.


Sparta always trains their people in the ways of war, because that was what they relied on and what was important at that time.

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Caution Athens... THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

King Leonidas

hey I just wanted to say Sparta is way better than Athens so see you Athens... after I kick you off a cliff!!!!!!