sominphobia AKA fear of sleeping

by Keaton N

What is it?

obviously its a phobia of sleeping

sominiphobia effects a person life style and makes them really sleepy and the person wont sleep and it can lead to dangerous outcomes. some people are afraid of sleep because of nightmares or a trigger from life events in the past.

Signs and Symptoms

1st sign that the person as been tired for awhile

2nd refusing to sleep

lack of sleep causes lowers immune system, panic attacks, hard times remembering long term and short term memory's, reduce awareness, and unable to focus

How its diagnosed

mostly its diagnosed when you realize the person is refusing sleep a lot and unable to focus.

How can it be cured

1st talk to them, ask why are they not sleeping

2nd give the person a favorite stuffed animal to help

Who can you talk to with this problem?

you can talk to your parents or guardians

you can talk to the princeble, counsler,or teacher ( If your in school that is)

tell your friends about it if needed and if they can help the situations

Facts and Website for research

1. An average person wakes up 6 times at night

2. 12% of people have black and white dream, back in the old days...

Fear of Sleep - Somniphobia CAN be Overcome