First Things First

December 4-December 11

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Important Upcoming Dates

December 11th-1:00 Dismissal
December 15th-9:00-10:00 bowling party (This will be in place of a classroom gift exchange and will be $3.50 per student, a note will be going home soon!)
December 15th-1st Grade Evening Christmas Program, 7 p.m.
December 18th-Class Party at 2:00 (Kari Stratton, April Tate, and Tracy Wohler are our room mothers.)


My oh my, sweet potato pie! The last story in our first basal readers is titled, Sweet Potato Pie, and to celebrate student's reaching the end of the book, we made sweet potato pie as a class today. The students will be taking home the basal reading series, as they have read each story in the anthology and are proud to be able to show off their reading skills to you! Please ask them to read a story out of their readers to you. I would like the basal readers back by December 18th.
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Spelling Words And Sentences

Please continue to practice spelling words and sentences for our Friday quizzes. If a student is unsuccessful on a spelling test, we will work with them to help them improve, and they will have another chance to improve their spelling quiz grade.
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We are currently on Lesson 34 of Module 1. Students are exploring the idea of subtraction within 0-10. For a closer look, please check out our curriculum page for more information. We have been using our number bonds for subtraction, and the students caught on very quickly. Lessons that have previously taken 2-3 days to complete are being completed in one setting! Here is a sample dialogue you can use to practice subtracting with number bonds at home.

A. "Show me 10-6 in a number bond."
B. "What is your whole?" Answer=10
C. "What is one part? " Answer= 6
D. "What is the other part?" Answer=4
E. "What is 10-6" Answer=4
F. "Can you write both number sentences for 10-6?" Answer 10-6=4 and 10-4=6

Continue with another subtraction problem within 3-10.


The week of December 7-December 11 is an ORANGE week, specials are as follows:
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