Industrialization in America

Layla Bellefy

John D. Rockefeller

Who-Jhon D. Rockefellr was the owner of the Standard Oil Company

What-The Standard Oil Company was a company that cleaned the oil.

Where- The standard oil company is found in somewhere in Ohio

When- the business started in 1839 and ended in 1937.

Why- He's important because he found the oil.We use oil today in cars,oil lamps and in any machinery.

Alexander Graham Bell

Who-Alexander graham bell was known as "The Wizard"

What-He was an inventor of the age.

When- he first invented the telephone in March,3 1847 he stop inventing in August,2 1922.

Why-So he could talk to people over the telephone.

Pullman Strike

Who-The people in the U.S.

What-People were going on strike to destroy things like railroads and trains.

Where- The Pullman strike was nationwide.

When- It started and ended in 1893.

Why-They were against the ARU (American Railway Union).

Union Pacific

Who-The Union Pacific was a business that builds railroads.

What-A railroad company.

Where-It was found all over the U.S.

When-The act started in 1862.

Why-Didn't trust the other companies to do the job.