Fabulous 5th Grade Newsletter

May 8th-12th

Fabulous Fifth Graders

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There is a limited quantity of yearbooks, so order yours now! Yearbooks need to be ordered and paid for on-line. The cost is $22.

Yearbook Link (www.balfour.com)

Hello Parents,

Thank you for a wonderful field trip on Friday. We appreciate all of our chaperones. We have two more field trips and would enjoy you joining us.

There are a lot of parents we have not sat down for a parent conference. Please contact your homeroom teacher or the teacher you feel you really need to speak with. We try to all be there for every conference.

Thank you. Have a great evening.

The Fifth Grade Team

Important Dates

5/8-10 STAAR Retakes and Science STAAR

5/12 (Fri) 4th Grade Spring Carnival -- more info to come!

5/16 (Tues) PTA Meeting / 5th Grade Science Night/Robotics Club -- Installation of New Board

5/24 (Wed) Muffins with Mom

6/1 5th Grade promotion

Also--Not too late to get your Ethridge Car decal for $5/ea.

Contact Erynn Keenen, Ethridge PTA President, with any questions!

Field Trip Dates

5/23/17 Perot Museum

5/31/17 Hawaiian Falls

Mrs. Campbell

Reading: Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes. Text clues for character analysis.

Spelling: Review on unit 14 also on april 11.

Second set of activities are due on Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

I-Station is due weekly by Saturday at midnight. Parents can check their child’s I-Station minutes and progress by following these steps:

  1. Do not log onto I-Station through the icon on your child’s iPad, use the web and go to: www.istation.com.
  2. If the school box appears type in Ethridge Lewisville and select this one, be careful there is another Ethridge.
  3. Logon with your child’s user name and password.
  4. The first screen will tell you the minutes they have completed for the current week.
  5. From this screen you can gain other information about your child’s progress.

Mrs. Faircloth

Language Arts- Expository/dialogue

Social Studies- Economics/Enterprise city

Mr. Medina



Classwork and Homework are due by Friday at Midnight each week. Students have time to finish in class, but if they need more time, they have until the end of the week. I insert grades first thing on Monday. If it's not done or turned in, the grade book will report a zero. This is not the final grade, but more like a wake-up call. Progress Reports are coming out this Friday, make sure to contact me for questions or concerns. I'm glad to speak over the phone, in-person, or through email.

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Thank you so much for your continued support and attention to Think Through Math!!! I know many of you have requested the link to TTM that will allow you to access your child’s progress each week, so here you go!


It will take directly to the page to register as a parent and then once you have an account you will use your child’s username and password to connect. Each child should have that information written in the front of their TTM spiral. I hope this helps and I am looking forward to meeting with each of you during our Fall Conference.

Grading Policy

Daily Grades:

- 100% possible for on time work

- 11 points deducted for the first day late; 10 points daily thereafter.

Major Grades:

- 100% possible

- Tests scored below 70% have the

opportunity for retesting, but the

highest score possible will be 70%

Please sign any paper that is below a 70

and return it so we can confirm that a

parent is aware of low scores.


Ethridge- (469)713-5954

If your child will be Absent please send an email to your homeroom teacher. Please also call front office to let them know. Always send a written note the next day or the absence will be unexcused.


Ms. Police -- wossumpolicek@lisd.net

Mrs. Faircloth – faircloths@lisd.net

Mr. Medina – medinae@lisd.net

Mrs. Campbell - campbellc@lisd.net

I-station and Think Through Math

I-Station Reading and Think Through Math Need to be done weekly!

Important note!!!

Istation reports are sent home at the beginning of each month. If your child is on tier 3,

they must complete three 30 minute lessons per week.Tier 2 must complete two 30

minute lessons, and Tier 1 is 30 minutes. This is a requirement of LISD!