Abbett All-Star Article


Something to think about...

Thank you for a great second week of school! We are starting to get in the routine, and the students are learning and understanding our expectations. Curriculum Night was very successful, and I know the parents enjoyed visiting with you. This short video captures the importance of the school home connection. It hits home as an educator and as a mom of two little ones. Take a look and take some time to think about this important perspective.

Enjoy the extra day this weekend....make at least one special memory!

Phases in Gumballs

Teamwork Spotlight

Each week, we will spotlight All-Star teamwork and collaboration! We started last week with the Donut Craze, and this week we have several examples of how teachers and students are working together to enrich the learning and school experience. What can you do to encourage teamwork and collaboration? Feel free to send me pictures or examples of how your class or grade level are using teamwork! The students could be a part of this as well. I would love to hear from them!

One Hour Rule

If you need to leave early or come late due to a doctor's appointment or personal event, you may go for up to an hour. You can split up your kids among your teammates or they may join another class. Please arrange the details and let me know. The only thing I ask is that you email Sherron and myself so that we know where you are!


Please set an alarm on your phone or have a student remind you to take attendance each day! We receive reports at 10:10 on who hasn't taken attendance, and the lists have been long. I know it takes a while to back in the routine, but setting an alarm on your phone is an easy fix!

Schoolwide Expectations Update

We have spent a lot of time in practice academies and discussing schoolwide expectations with students. I want to remind the staff that WE are the key to the success and implementation of these expectations. WE must reinforce the desired behavior and remind the students of the voice levels. There should not be any talking in the hallways, and this includes dismissal time. If the students are talking in the hallways while waiting to be called for dismissal, it makes the entire process longer. Let's all do our part to encourage the students and give them gentle reminders if they are not following the voice levels.

Callbacks are another way to engage the students and get their attention when they are talking. Today, I showed the students the callback, Ready Set, You Bet! This is a good one to add to your toolbox!

Calendar Happenings

September 7: Labor Day Holiday

September 8: Teacher Self Report Section 1 Due to Betsy

Team Leader Meeting at 3:30

September 11: First PLC during conference time in team leader's classroom

September 15: Breakfast Provided by Dr. Morrison

Flu Shot Clinic

College Shirt Days---Yes, you can wear jeans!

Staff Meeting at 3:30

September 17: Jam the Gym for 4th and 5th Graders 7:00-8:00 p.m.

September 18: Grandparents' Day 1:30-2:30

September 24: Watch Dog Pizza Night

September 29: Book Study Review with Dr. Morrison at 3:30

Spring Creek Spirit Night