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WEEK 1 Down!

GREAT job staff on pulling off a SUCCESSFUL WEEK 1 of our 2016-17 school year!!! Our vision for Oakley's school culture, consistency in adhering to schedules, and smoothness of revisiting and tweaking were flawless. Your patience and dedication was priceless and working as a TEAM these characters are vital! As we head into week 2 be encouraged and know that as a TEAM our goals can easily be our REALITY! CELEBRATE!!!

First Week ShOUT OUTS!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for your patience, flexibility, and hard work in ensuring our first week was a SUCCESS! We realize the FIRST day, week, month is always challenging, but you ALL handled it smoothly. Please join me in SHOUTING OUT a few staff members who collectively pitched in to make certain teachers & their students were prepared and comfortable !

  • Mrs. Qwen Humphrey & Mr. Bowles for their diligent work in getting our building ready and in such good shape! Long hours & persistence paid off!!

  • Leadership TEAM: Setting the stage for "common expectations" is sure to make a difference in how our students respond socially and academically. Our school culture will be better because of your collaborative vision!

  • Personalized Learning TEAM: for their willingness to plan an exciting "kick-off" as we roll out our one-to-one & 3 focus points this school year! PD full speed ahead!

  • OES Curriculum Support/Counselor/PBIS TEAM: Making certain that all teachers are trained up and geared to go in an effort to providing our students the very best. Kudos in maximizing opportunities this week to help our teachers transition back into the school year!
  • Mrs. Stephen, Mrs. Felker, Ms. Rowden, & Ms. Cameron: Warm Body Count vs. eSchool count was a BEAST, but they graciously stepped in and slayed the task! Take a bow... your support made a HUGE difference!!!

Emergency Drill Reflections..... Click the Picture for Reminders!

Something to Ponder!!

True LEADERS don't create followers....they create more LEADERS!! J. Sakiya Sandifer

Leaders RISE UP!!!

Thanks for responding to the invitation!!

Resume' Screening TEAM

  • Ms. M. Rowden
  • Mrs. T. Pullin
  • Mrs. T. Felker
  • Mrs. K. Hairston
  • Ms. D. Driskell

Interview TEAM

  • Ms. T. Shealey
  • Ms. S. Reynolds
  • Mrs. L. Lavoie
  • Mrs. F. Bell-Palmer
  • Ms. Nneka Stancil
  • Mrs. K. Williams
  • Ms. S. Woody