Social Committee Newsletter


Welcome Back Y'All

Welcome to the first Social Committee Newsletter of the 2015-2016 school year. Each month I will send a newsletter out about important happenings for the month as well as the up coming month. In the newsletter you will also find list of staff birthdays, "Pats on the Back", "What's Up My Peeps", and a calendar for our Wardrobe Wednesdays. As I stated last year I am by no means a writer so please forgive any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes and remember I have talents elsewhere. Ha ha. I hope that the newsletter is informative and entertaining. I am looking forward to a great year at Berkman as we "BEE all that we can BEE!"

September Happenings

  • Social Dues kick off has begun. Professional Staff members dues are $30.00 and Paraprofessionals and part time staff dues are $20.00.
  • Dues are due to Cheryl Baker by September 30th. Please make checks out to Berkman Elementary.
  • All staff that turns in Social dues will receive a free jeans pass and name put in hat for a special drawing!
  • First team to turn in all their dues will receive lunch!

***Friday September 25 we will have a TAILGATE pot luck. A sign up for party foods (things you would take to a tailgate party) will be coming soon.

October Happenings

Information Coming Soon! Be on the look out for an e-mail with all information that your teams will be responsible for throughout the year such as staff recognition gifts and faculty meeting treats.

August/September Birtdays


10 Patricia Horton

12 Kathy Cawthron

14 Roseann Mendez

14 Deborah Murray

17 Nancy Smith

22 Maria Garza

27 Rachel Hernandez

31 Hector Negrete


07 Kate Goldbaum

14 Duncan Crone

18 Kristian Puentes

21 Antonio Guerrero

24 Suyin Yau

26 Michelle McClendon

26 Lara Nixon

Wardrobe Wednesday

Starting October we will be having WARDROBE WEDNESDAY! This is totally optional for all the Berkman staff. This is just another way to have a little fun and spread a little cheer. Each month in the newsletter there will be a calendar of themes for each Wednesday of the month. You can wear just a little bit of the theme or a lot of the theme. It is totally up to you. Please consider participating in the fun. Again it is totally optional.

Pat on the Back

A great big PAT ON THE BACK to all Berkman Staff for all their hard work and dedication to get the school year started off right.

***Please send me an e-mail if you would like to give a Berkman staff member recognition for anything you feel you would like the staff to know. People who feel appreciated feel more positive in themselves and their ability to contribute.

***Please send any photos you may want to share. This could be a picture of your team or of a "GOOD THING" or something funny. There are many possibilities. Make sure if you send me something that you give a description to include as well.

***Anything that you want included in the newsletter will need to be given to me by the last week of the month.

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*A HUGE Pat on the Back for Sharon Wilkes. Thank you so much for all you did as our interim principal. Words can really not express all that you have done for our campus, from the countless hours you put in, to the sleepless night I am sure that you have had, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you especially for making Berkman, "BEE all that we can BEE"!-Carrie Altenburger

*Thank you so much Sharon for all the hard work you have done to get the year going!-Charlotte Young

*Thank you shout out to Paulina and the custodial staff for all their hard work to get the school ready for the year.-Charlotte Young

*A HUGE Pat on the Back for our ITS subs! They have been doing their best to keep us rolling with technology even though they all have their own campuses as well. It's rough for them, but they've kept smiles on their faces about it!-Julianne Bamford

*Pat on the back to Traci Ho. She was doing sight words with her class when they waited in line for the restroom!-Irene Mooneyhan

*I would like to thank Debbie Vasquez for helping with getting paperwork signed by parents on Open House Night. I really appreciate her positive attitude and willingness to help out!-Larissa Gomez

*I would also like to do a shout out to Carla de Piña. She cares so much about her students and is working very hard to connect with them and provide a safe, loving environment for them!-Larissa Gomez

*Debbie Vasquez for all the work she has done!-Valerie Loft

Sharon Wilkes for helping us get started!-Valerie Loft

Charlotte Young for being a cheerleader-Valerie Loft

*Pat on the back to Mrs. Felix and Hurtado for being so supportive, and helpful to the new members of the Kinder team_Nancy Smith

What's Up My Peeps!

*What's up my Peeps is a place were we can share any special celebrations, personal information, brag about a fellow team mate or even recipes. Just like the "Pat on the Back", I will send a reminder e-mail to send in your What's Up my Peeps entries.

Launch- Teacher Funnies

Ha! How we might have felt and how some of our kiddos might have felt the past few weeks we have come home from school.
"Have You Had A Nap Today?"