Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr.Vijaya Musande

Head, Comp. Sci. & Engg. Department

I, on behalf of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, welcomes you. We believe in creating environment that encourages learning and personal development. This is the place where you can built a base for your dreams


Department Vision:

  • To develop computer engineers with necessary analytical ability and human values who can creatively design, implement a wide spectrum of computer systems for welfare of the society.

Department Mission:

  • Preparing graduates to work on multidisciplinary platforms associated with their professional position both independently and in a team environment.
  • Preparing graduates for higher education and research in computer science and engineering enabling them to develop systems for society development.

Paper Publications by Faculty/Students

Author: Dr. Deepa S. Deshpande & Tahura Shaikh (PG Scholar)

Title:” A Review on Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis.”

Conference/Publication: NCRTCSIT-16, Nagpur

Author: Asst. Prof. Sujit More, Asst. Prof. Swapnil Naidu

Title:” Review on Mona: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud”

Conference/Publication: IJCSN

Author: Dr. Madhuri S. Joshi


1) ” Enhancing Intrusion Detection System by Reducing the False Positives through Application of Various Data Mining Techniques”

2) Rule based classifier models for intrusion detection system

3) “Model for Disconnectivity Analysis in Schizophrenics for Sternberg Item Recognition Paradigm”

Conference/Publication: IJCSIS

Workshop Attended by Faculty/Students

Title: “Enhancing Leadership Attitude and Ethics”

Venue & Date: 15th Jan. 2016, GECA,

Participant: Asst. Prof..K.M. Vaishnav.

Title: “Two Week training on “Internet of Things (IOT) and Quality Project Development & Deployment Process”

Organizer: “AFour technology, Pune”

Venue & Date: 4th to 15th Jan. 2016,

Participant: Asst.Prof. Prashant M. Adhao

Title: “Workshop on Software Testing and Quality Assurance”

Organizer: “RCOEM college Nagpur” Date: 4th to 8th Jan. 2016,

Participant: Asst.Prof.. Sharad R. Jadhav

Title: “Workshop on “Elements of documents presentation using LATEX”

Organizer: “JNEC”, Date: 27th Jan. to 1st Feb. 2016,

Participant: Asst.Prof.. Bhanupriya S. Gaikwad

Title: “Workshop on “Elements of documents presentation using LATEX”

Organizer: “JNEC”, Date: 27th Jan. to 1st Feb. 2016,

Participant: Asst.Prof. Bhanupriya S. Gaikwad

Title: Two days Workshop on “Python Program”

Orgnizer: “INFOSYS, PUNE” Date: 26th Feb. 2016

Participant: Asst.Prof. Dilip K. Budhwant

Title: “Seminar on ”Vedic Mathematics”

Orgnizer: “JNEC” Date: 2nd Feb. 2016

Participant: Third Year Students

Daily online aptitude practice test for third year students.

Social Activities

Title: “Road Sefty Week”

Title: NSS Camp –“Melghat ” -6days


1) Youth Employability Global Initiative Program Phase-2 Training

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy initiative by Barclays to skill unemployed youths as per the industry requirement training phase II.


Online test based on aptitude and technical for all students.