October in Focus

Stay up-to-date on PTA in Riverside County!

As we move into October, I hope you know that we appreciate you.

The work you do matters. Right now, as schools and districts surge and recede in reopening, and distance learning remains a struggle, and volunteers on campus are nothing like they have ever been - the work you do matters.

PTA is about making it better - and making it better may only be happening in millimeters right now - but it still could turn someone's whole day around. The art project that inspires a child; a social media post that starts a discussion, or even a thank you from a parent - it matters.

You matter.

No matter what this next month brings, it matters - and so do you.

Don't forget that.

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You are receiving this newsletter because as a PTA leader in Riverside County (Council or Unit), you are a part of the 23rd District PTA family. Each month, we'll be sending this newsletter to help support you! There is a whole chain of PTA support to help you - unit to council to district. Families support each other - and we are here to support you. You matter, and we are very glad that you are here.

Reach out to us for help: Help@23rdDistrict.org
Find support on our website: www.23rdDistrict.org
Join us on Facebook: 23rd District PTA or our 23rd District PTA Unit and Council Leaders Group

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California State PTA Financial Mailing Here
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Workshop: General Financial Training [October]

You've asked; we've heard!

We are offering a virtual Focus on Finance (General Financial Training) opportunity for units in need.

Please see below for the invitation:

Topic: 23rd District PTA - General Financial Training

Time: Oct 23, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Please contact Office@23rdDistrict.org to register by October 22.

After this workshop, our next Focus on Finance workshop will be on November 12, 2020, with more information including in the November newsletter.

Q&A: You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Q. Can we require teachers to join PTA if they want to receive classroom funds to support students?

The short answer here is no. Now, let's make sure everyone understands why.

PTA wouldn't be PTA without members, this is true - but our primary focus is to benefit children. With respect to programs PTA executes, such as classroom supplies support, the focus always needs to be on the children - which means we can't say that children won't benefit because their teacher didn't join PTA.

While we always hope that everyone joins PTA, there are always reasons why someone may not - and it's important to respect those reasons, and that individual's right to say no. That person's choice shouldn't change how we support the students. Remember - we support all children.

Q. Can we buy monitor supports or desks for teachers? What about comfortable chairs for office staff?

A. The short answer here is no. Now, let's make sure everyone understands why.

PTA exists to benefit children. Teachers are definitely a part of our collaborative relationship with the school to fulfill our purpose, but it's important to remember that our goal and objective is to make it better for the kids. Our focus is always the kids, which means that's how we can spend out money - on the kids.

A really easy way to tell if a proposed project is something PTA should fund is to ask: "How does this benefit the children?" If the answer is, "It doesn't" then it isn't something PTA should be spending money on. It's important to note that this isn't a PTA rule, it's an IRS rule.

There are lots of ways that PTA can help advocate for funding for things that are needed but aren't in line with what PTA can purchase. You can write letters to the school board, you can help research grants for teachers or schools - but if it involves PTA funds, it has to support the kids.

Have questions you need answers to? Reach out to us at Help@23rdDistrict.org. We're always happy to help!

23rd District and CAPTA - Tax Filing Support!

California State PTA and 23rd District are partnering once again to provide our units with tax filing support!

Units with annual revenue under $50,000 in 2019-2020 can receive tax filing and attorney general report filing support via scheduled conference, where we'll walk you through the process and get those taxes filed!

Interested units must contact Office@23rdDistrict.org to be added to the list for when appointments become available.

Compliance Checkpoint: Tax Filings and the Attorney General

Taxes must be filed for ALL UNITS by November 15, 2020!

  • ALL UNITS: Use the new, updated RRF-1 form. [Need help? There is an annotated form attached!]

    Do not forget to to file the Raffle Report if your unit conducted a raffle in 2019-2020!

  • Units with revenue OVER 50,000 annually:

    Federal/IRS: File Form 990 or 990EZ
    ► CA FTB: File Form 199

    It is strongly recommended that these units seek out professional tax preparation services. Do not wait.

Advocacy and YOU!

Legislation Conference for 2021 is CANCELLED

A virtual conference is currently in the works, and we are excited to see what it will bring!

Advocacy Grant for Units/Councils

Does your unit have an amazing advocacy program? If so, 23rd District would like to help you expand your options! Check out the attached form for our NEW! advocacy grant program! Grant applications are due on November 30, 2020 to LegOutreach@23rdDistrict.org - and selected submissions will earn $200 for additional advocacy activities!

Register to Vote

2020 is an election year, and PTA Votes! Are you registered to vote? The last day to register to vote is October 19. Verify your voter registration here.

Propositions to Watch - California State PTA supports Propositions 15 and 16!

Curious? Learn more on the CAPTA Monthly Advocacy Webinar (This month on October 13) or watch this video to find out why!

Find out more information on Proposition 15 here (including how Riverside County will benefit!). Want more details? Check out this breakdown!

Insurance Premiums (or Waiver Requests) Are Due to 23rd District PTA by DECEMBER 3, 2020!

Insurance Premiums and/or waiver requests MUST BE RECEIVED BY 23rd District PTA by December 3, 2020. Premiums received after December 3, 2020 will be subject to a $25 late fee.

Unit insurance premiums should be forwarded through Council to District; out-of-council units remit directly to 23rd District PTA. Out-of-Council units, please send insurance premiums directly to 23rd District PTA - please see mailing address below.

Unit Premium: $258

Council Premium: $178

If remitting the insurance premium will cause undue hardship to the unit, an Insurance Waiver Request may be submitted (and is attached in two versions - standard and fillable). If your unit is submitting a waiver, DO NOT remit the premium payment to 23rd District PTA - remit the waiver request only, and DO NOT submit the insurance waiver directly to CAPTA. Waivers must be returned through channels. Council Presidents and out-of-council unit presidents can submit waiver requests to 23rd District directly by email to President@23rdDistrict.org.

Every Member Matters - Including You!

In September we had:
  • Over 2,700 new members on TOTEM!
  • 14 units go LIVE on TOTEM!
  • 10 units join the 100 Club!
  • 2 units join the 200 Club!
  • 1 unit join the 300 Club!

Every member matters in PTA - and that includes you! Contact and collaborate with site principals and teachers to remind everyone about the importance of PTA!

Don't forget to take part in 23rd District Membership Challenge #1 - check out the Membership Challenges Handout for more details!

Have questions about making PTA membership magic at your site? Need help getting started on TOTEM? Contact 23rd District Vice President of Membership Bea Garcia at Membership@23rdDistrict.org

Check out the California State PTA and National PTA resources to help promote your membership - Remember: Every unit has at least 15 members by November 1!


  • 1- Palm Middle PTSA
  • 3 - Bubbling Wells Elementary PTA
  • 3 - Fruitvale Elementary PTA
  • 3 - Starlight Elementary PTA
  • 5 - Lakeland Village School PTSA
  • 5 - Rail Ranch Elementary PTA
  • 6 - Letha Raney Intermediate PTSA
  • 6 - McSweeny Elementary PTA
  • 9 - Alta Murrieta Elementary PTA
  • 9 - Hemet Elementary Eagles PTA
  • 11 - Armada Elementary PTA
  • 11 - Ramona Roadrunners Elementary PTA
  • 15 - William McKinley Elementary PTA
  • 17 - E. Hale Curran Elementary PTA
  • 18 - Highland Elementary PTA
  • 19 - John W. Stallings Elementary PTA
  • 19 - Norco Elementary PTA
  • 20 - Hamilton K-8 PTSA
  • 20 - Winchester Elementary PTA
  • 21 - Ethan A. Chase PTSA
  • 22 - Troth Street Elementary PTA
  • 23 - Chemawa Middle PTSA
  • 23 - Centennial High PTSA
  • 23 - Indian Hills Elementary PTA
  • 25 - Emerson Elementary PTA
  • 30 - Magnolia Elementary PTA
  • 30 - Sugar Hill School PTA

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