Brian's Christmas Card

By: Brooke Peterson

Brian and his Family would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!❄️❄

As you all already know, when Brian Robeson returned from the wilderness, he was so excited to be back but felt out-of-place when he returned. So we thought about sending a Christmas card to everyone he knew, so they would know more about him after he was found and while he was in the wilderness.

  1. He had a special place in his heart for food. He even liked to watch people eat it, and also liked to cook food.
  2. When he was in the woods he only had a Hatchet with him as a weapon and tool, besides the other tools/weapons he made with his Hatchet.
3. If his mother hadn't given him that Hatchet in the car he probably wouldn't have survived, because everything he did revolved around his Hatchet. For example, when he made his bow and arrow he used his Hatchet to make it and that involved cutting down wood which depended on his Hatchet too. Bottom Line: His Hatchet was very important.

Merry Christmas,

Brian and Brian's Parents

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