Paul Revere

By Kyra McCracken


Paul Revere had a big family,sixteen children two wife's! Paul Reveres early life was somewhat fun except for the chores and vegetables.he also loved to learn .well that's what you're going to be learning about.


Paul Revere had sixteen children.Two wives,Sarah Orne and Rachel walker.He first married Sarah they had eight children together.Soon after Sarah 's death he married Rachel.Together Paul and Rachel had eight children too.



Paul Revere learned silversmith and goldsmith from his father.he went to North Writing School.

Early life

Paul Revere's dad immigrant,

More facts

Paul Revere was born in Boston

had a big family

got married twice


silversmith-to do stuff with silver.

goldsmith-to do anything with gold.

immigrant-someone who comes from abroad to live permanently in a country.

I hope you learned stuff about Paul Revere!

Did you learn how big his family was?He really did have nice younger life.H?e loved to learn alright.