chopping it up new young ministry's

Sunday services

new style Sunday service

We are initially inviting everyone to please come join our new style Sunday service.the new generation is passing gods wisdom book by chopping it up.

new birth to chopping it up Sunday service

Sunday, March 22nd, 1-3pm

2372 International Boulevard

Oakland, CA

Its right across the street from jack in the box and across the street from dollar store parking lot.

Oakland reuniting with new and old artist and stars to support our first international playground and gods home so we can teach gods way by chopping it up and accepting Christianity as our beliefs.

steady mobbing Oakland's Legend in the music industry

Director : Crooked eye

V.P of B.M.R Black Mafia Record

100% supports the church as a leader in the new generation to open up a new way to connect with Christ.

come join us for a great time .

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