History of The Writing Process

Chris Telford

History of Writing

You can find a big history of writing in this link. It shows the first beginnings of writing and the writing process.

The Writing Process


I'm writing this to learn and show more about the writing process and how it has changed. My audience is whoever wants to learn more about the writing process. The needed information can be found on a lot of different sites but many are big sites with lots of information. The information should be documented in timeline order going with history.


The history of writing goes back all the way back to 3200 BC in Mesopotamia in a country named Sumer, where the first evidences of writing are found. But writing was invented in many places with some based on the Mesopotamian writing. The Egyptian writing is similar to the Sumer writing and Mesoamerican was invented on their own. As time went on more and more people got writing and studied and tried to improve it. Early on including the Egyptians used pictures and carvings to make a sentence in hieroglyphics. It then evolved into actual writing in Europe and spread across the world over thousands of years.


Proofread. Basically that's it.


You have to check the way that your work is laid out and change anything to make it easier to read and make it flow better.