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November 10, 2017

"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?" - Henry David Thoreau

My dad was a lifelong alcoholic who died drunk, alone, and with nothing to his name at the age of 47 in a hotel room apartment. Even though he was not around for much of my life, his life choices affected me.

We all have our own story and those stories have contributed to who we are today. We have some students at CN Jr/Sr HS with stories and circumstances that worry my days and keep me up at night. Some of the situations and circumstances we have dealt with in the last two weeks have been almost overwhelming and while I cannot share all of the details, I think there is value in sharing what some of our students are struggling to survive and overcome on a daily basis.

We had a student plan, but thankfully not execute, to hang himself in a junior high bathroom during school. Can you imagine not only how tragic this would have been for him and his family, but also the life altering impact it would have had on the student or students who found him? A week later several staff members, Albion PD, and Sheriff's Department deputies were chasing that student through fields in Albion after he ran away from home and school.

We have a brother and sister who missed over a week of school because their dad and step mom were on the run from law enforcement and they were in hiding with them. When DCS finally found them they were filthy, hungry, and uncared for, but sadly not shocked by their situation because this is not the first time it has happened to them. They came to school the following day having no idea where they would be going or who they would be staying with that night or the next, or the next, or the next . . .

I read a text message exchange this week between a 15 year old student and his step dad. The step dad began the exchange calling the student an f'ing "P" for telling his mom about a heated exchange they had had the night before. He continued by saying he couldn't wait until the student wasn't living there anymore and if that could be sooner rather than later he would be happy. The student's replies were inappropriate as well, but the step dad ended the text thread with "go die in a hole".

A home visit to inform a parent, who would not return our calls, that her daughter had posted a social media threat calling another student horrible names and promising to smash her face into the f'ing concrete resulted in Officer Worman & Mrs. Vice being screamed at and told she gave her daughter permission to do it and would do it herself if she could.

I'm not sharing these stories to shock you, scare you, or add stress to your life. I am sure many of you are aware of other students who are struggling, surviving, and working to overcome. But as a small, caring staff, a staff who is striving to Be One, we must recognize that we have students whose basic needs are barely being met and outside of our school community, they are facing life circumstances that many of us cannot even imagine.

WE must strive to build relationships with these students because we might be the only positive, caring adults in their lives. WE must recognize that not every bad decision they make is done so out of defiance or indifference. WE must find ways to recognize their successes and encourage them and support them so they are better able to rise above their life circumstances. WE must demonstrate trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, good citizenship, and caring. WE must continue to work together to make CN Jr/Sr HS a safe, caring, supportive environment because every student we have deserves that.

I have no doubt the our staff is striving to do all of things. Sometimes though it is helpful, even if it's difficult, to be reminded of why we do what we do day in and day out. Thank you for all that you do to make CN a great place to be!

Grateful November Challenge

I challenge you to continue, start, or consider taking part in a Grateful Challenge during the month of November. It has been a challenging week or two, but having a Grateful focus has helped me get through and stay positive even when the days have been disheartening.

6. What in nature are you grateful for?

Water - I love the water - lakes, the ocean, waterfalls. They all bring me peace.

7. What memory are you grateful for?

How could anyone narrow this to just one? My childhood memories are filled with times spent at my grandparents house with family. They are some of my most vivid and most special.

8. What book are you most grateful for?

The Bible

9. What place are you most grateful for?

Home - I love to travel, but I love the the feeling of home.

10. What taste are you grateful for today?

Coffee in morning; popcorn at the movies and late at night; steak on the grill; cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

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Great Work Team! On behalf of the CN Food Pantry thank you for your support! Your contributions purchased 50 turkeys for families in our area in need!

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