South Carolina

High Cotton Dreams for the Tobacco feens

Another proprietary colony in which caught the interest of King Charles II in the early years because of its warm climate and fertile soil. This was appealing to farmers because it meant for and increase in the growing season that lasted almost 295 days out of the year.

When we first arrived to this semitropical climate, we were astonished by the wonderful soil and lengthy growing season. Although the Spanish had already explored, they failed to see what wealth this place could bring with such a favorable climate. There was much talk of the Indians prevailing in the trade market, in turn it left room for rivalry and allowed little for the Europeans to make any success with. War after war, the Indians remained diligent in their fight for European goods. However, war became our victory but only for a matter of time. Indian slaves were being offered and our experience aided in our dominance. Then allies made with some Indian tribes worked in our favor and forced the Spanish, the French and the Virginians out of the market. After several years, the Indians turned against the Carolinians in what was the Yamasee war because they were cheated out of their land and our people enslaved many of their women and children. Many of our people killed leaving us in a paralyzed state and desperately damaging the slave trade as well.