Coverings And Surroundings

Coverings And Surrounding Review

Unit 4 Description

We learned what are the formulas for perimeter, area of squares and rectangles, area of a rectangle, surface area of a pyramid, Surface area of rectangular prism and volume of rectangular prisms. Also The units for perimeter area surface and volume. Definitions of area perimeter area surface area and volume.

What is perimeter?

Perimeter is the outside of a shape. Perimeter is measured in units (cm).

Perimeter = add each side

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What is area?

Area is the inside of a shape. Area is measured in square units.

Area of a triangle = lxw divided by 2

Area of a square and rectangle = lxw

Area of a parallelogram = base x height

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What is surface area?

The surface area is the amount of surface inside a 3d shape. Surface area is measured in square units.

  • Surface Area of Pyramid = (lxw) +4 (bxh divided by 2)

  • Surface area of a rectangular prism = 2(LxW) + 2(LxW) + 2(LxW)

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What is volume?

  • The amount of space that an object takes up

  • Volume of Rectangular Prism = L x W x H

  • Volume is measured in cubic units

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