Student Council

Leaders of tomorrow!!

Student Council is so fun you should try it!

As student council we like to do many things in our community. We help put on some of the school dances, paint streets and windows for prom and homecoming, we get to go to blood drives and help set up and eat cookies!! We like to put on Easter hops and glow run and walks. We like to be very active in our school and in our communities, it is very fun. We like to be good role models for every one. One of my favorite things to do i student council is when we get to go on our end of the year camping trip at Viking Lake.

How to join

At the beginig of the year one of the teachers will had out student council flyers, everyone should grab one, it is so fun. make sure you fill it out and turn it in on the right day. Also you might want to go around and ask for people to vote for you.

You should join!

I really encourage you to join student council. I personally have made many great memories!

Who to talk to

If you have any questions about joining student council talk to Mrs. Means, one of the great math teachers here. She will hopefully be your student council sponser. She is very fun and plans a lot of amazing, fun things to do. If you do student council you will make a lot of great memories