Dance in the 1960's

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Peppermint Twist

In January 1962 the "peppermint twist" was one of the number one hits in the united states for 3 weeks this song was made by Joey Dee & The Starliters. Also in January 1962 this song became so popular that their was even a peppermint lounge in Circleville,Ohio This song was a Rock N` Roll Dance that was very popular in 1962. Their youthful audience helped explain how to do this dance very descriptive "It's like putting out a cigarette with both feet and whipping your bottom with a towel to the beat of the music." This dance wasn't just fun to move and twist too but it has an amazing groovy tone that got the crowd dancing off there feet.

Mash Potato

The Mash Potato dance was made in 1962 by Dee Dee Sharp & Steve Alaimo &James Brown. This Dance is performed like "all arms placed at the front of the dancers bodies. while alternately grinning every foot, performers flutter their arms one after another." How they thought of this unique dance was by the dancers were mashing potatoes while they were stomping their feet. This dance is different but gives it a little spice to have fun and move.


In the 1960's jazz was very important at the time. Broadway influenced more jazz and

Rock N' Roll. Jazz helps get the mood going and moving. But it's also a way to Express our feelings/ emotions on the dance floor and dance your heart out. Dancing to any music and just listening along going along with the beat, and Jazz influenced choreographers "They saw a part of Nature to reflect the mood of the country. "Jazz influenced moment was amazing with social dances by youthful: the day everyone performed they did it with high energetic dancing.

Popular Twist Dancing of 1960s

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