Ancient Civilizations

A little about Socrates

In Ancient Civilizations there was a very famous person named Socrates. Socrates was born around 470 B.C., The most glorious time in history, the Golden Age of Greece. He was very famous because he was mocked in many different plays or comic dramatists. There was one called (The clouds of Aristophanes, in 423) after he died. As you can see this was a very long time ago.. Many people are more famous today because of the fact that they story they have was from a long time ago. Socrates did not write any of the plays he was in. They were all mostly about him too. He is known as The wisest man in the world back in time.

5 things he did & Thought

1. He would gives speeches of all of his knowledge and information he had about life to a small group of people who admired him.

2. He made a speech on the day of his trail (sentenced to death) He plead innocent.

3. He was attracted to younger men

4. He always said, quote "Ideals belong in the world that only the wise man can understand."

5. He always believed that The method clarified the concepts of Good and Justice