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Wasps was a woman flying force, that could do almost the same things as men could do and sometimes almost even better. The government opposed of it because the group were women but the government soon knew that they needed all the people they could get to fly. So they started a group called the WASPS.

People involved

pilot Jacqueline Cochran sent a letter to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt encouraging the use of women pilots in the armed forces. Twenty-eight highly qualified, elite civilian women pilots, “The Originals” as they would come to call themselves, began ferrying light aircraft and primary trainers such as Stearmans and PT-19 Fairchilds. They quickly went on to ferry larger aircraft including pursuit planes like the P-38 and P-51. In the end more than 2,000 people signed up, but a little over 1,000 made it to training.

specific war tasks

They did exactly what any other pilot would do during the time which was to fly and fight in the sky. They went though many flight related missions that put many through death, and pain. the WASP were stationed at 120 air bases across the U.S., assuming numerous flight-related missions, and relieving male pilots for combat duty. they flew sixty millions miles of operational flights from aircraft factories to ports of embarkation and military training bases. They also towed targets for live anti- aircraft artillery practice, simulated strafing missions and transported cargo.

WASPS faceing discrimination

They faced discrimination against the government because men were known for being better than women. They were told that they couldn't do something that they wanted to because they thought men were better than them. Well the wasps showed them off and pretty much went for it. They didn't really care what men had to say, they wanted to fly.

WASPS fought for who and against who

They fought for the allied group they were from america and fought for America. They fought against the axis, generally Japan but some were stationed near Germany as well.

awards recieved to WASPS

they will receive the highest civilian honor given by the U.S. Congress. Last July, President Obama signed a bill awarding the WASP the Congressional Gold Medal. The ceremony will take place on a Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

one specific achievement that happened in WW ll

They actually became apart of the Air Force during WW ll, they got to experience things that not a lot of women got to experience during the time. Even though they were discriminated against throughout the process.