Middle Atlantic United States

Delaware,Maryland,New Jersey,New York,and Pennsylvania.

Delaware,Maryland,New Jersey,New York,and Pennsylvania.

Delaware,Maryland,New Jersey,New York,and Pennsylvania are located in the Northeast part of the United States.


Middle Atlantic States are mostly large cites and densely populated areas. There are few rural areas in these states. In Delaware there is The Delaware River, in Maryland there is Lake Cove, and in New Jersey there is County Island and The Great Swamp. In New York there is Cazenovia Lake. In Pennsylvania their is contains part of Lake Erie

Human Environment Interaction

Most of the Middle Atlantic United States was once a forest filled with many animals that, because of human actions, are now extinct. The forests are mostly chopped down and there are large cities everywhere.


The Middle Atlantic United States is a culturally similar place with large cites and vary urban areas

Exports and Imports

Imports Exports
Delaware meat, grain, flour, bread lumber, horses, cloth, and iron
Maryland corn, fruit, vegetables, fish iron, lumber, clay, bricks
New Jersey oil,rubber,television reception orange juice
New York diamonds,gold,gas,oil oil,fish,copper
Pennsylvania wheat, corn, apples, food glass, wine, beer,

By: Philemon Giles and Aaron Groves