4B Post Assessment


My softball team

Conformity- All the girls I play softball with are a year or more younger than me, so I had to adjust myself to their behavior. They're younger which means some things they wouldn't understand or catch onto as quickly. My coaches, authority, tells us what to do and how to do it. When we do something wrong our coach is the one to change it and tell us we're doing it wrong and we have to be obedient and follow his instructions. Sometimes Mr. Tony (my coach) will start talking really fast and then except us to follow his instructions without him fully explaining it (fundamental attribution error).

One for One, one for all

My team isn't really the whole self-serving biased kind of team. If we win it was because of all of our teams effort if we lose it was because of all our teams lack of effort. We're a team so we act as one. Being in a group all the time, going to eat together, staying in hotels together on the weekends a lot of girls will get very sassy and get an attitude towards some situations (group polarization)

Mr. Tony would do some drills that we weren't used to exactly, things we've never done before and we didn't know how. He wanted to see how we reacted and responded to them. (Milgram (Obedience Experiment)

Being older comes with some responsibility and I sometimes have to be an authority figure to some of the girls. (Zimbardo)

When we go to camps sometimes we see other girls doing things and we copy them and it turns out that they're doing them incorrectly. (Asch)