US and Canada Relations

By: Nicholas Hackworth


US and Canada share the world's largest and trading relationship that supports millions of jobs in each country. Resources in Canada are harvested and brought to the US to be processed and used such as Oil and Uranium. US and Canada has one of the world's largest investment relationships.
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US stands by Canada in energy trade, trade and investment, environment, and of course the business that happens on the border. They both share a large percent of 75% of white ethnicity. They both share a large majority of the religion of Christianity. At the end of the Revolution, about 75,000 loyalists moved out of the US to move to Canada.
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US and Canada have different governments but that doesn't stop their trade between each other. They share a relation for more then 2 centuries, including the warfare during the 1770's and 1812. The biggest breach between the relationship was during the war of 1812, which was an American invasion of the British North America and the counter-invasions as well. During World War 2 and the Cold War, Canada supplied the US with a high volume of trade.
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