Shonyea Lind

8th Grade Computer Lit

Family and friends

I am 14 years-old and go to Fort Osage. I have 17 siblings, but only 5 live with me. I am adopted, along with all of my other siblings that live with me. I have been adopted for about 5 years now, along with my biological sister and other adopted brother. We just adopted a 3 year-old named Aiden.


I am in 8th grade and am doing very well. I am in my second semester and school is almost out. I ended the first semester with mostly A's and B's.
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I am a cheerleader and have been cheering since 5th grade. I am moving on to be a freshman and have made the varsity and competition team at the high school. I also do track for my middle school. I run the 100, 4x1, and throw shot-put and discuss.

Career Day

On Career Day, I will be attending the session with the labor and delivery nurse. This is what I want to do when I get older, along side being an ASL interpreter.


At this point in the semester, I have one A, one B, a C and an F. I am going to work on getting that C up in Social Studies.