Nuts & Bolts of College Admissions

for parents of seniors

This presentation is designed for families of seniors to better understand how the school counseling office can assist students through the college application process. We will cover topics such as trends in admissions, application components and timeline, Naviance waves, standardized testing and Wachusett's policies and procedures.

This presentation will be followed by a Q&A with your child's school counselor.

Tuesday, Sep. 25th, 6pm

1401 Main Street

Holden, MA

The presentation will be held in two different locations:

  • In the Auditorium for parents of students who have the following school counselors: Ms. Baker, Ms. Clark, Ms. Knorring, Ms. Lee and Ms. Reily

  • In the Media Center for parents of students who have the following school counselors: Ms. Connors, Mr. Dubzinski and Ms. Freeman

Other Upcoming Events:

Demystifying College Financing in the WRHS Auditorium: 9/25/18 at 7:15pm

This presentation, by Dave Landry from Central Mass. College Funding Advisors, is a must for all parents of college-bound high school students, including freshman and sophomores. The presentation will de-mystify the college financial aid process and show you how to access the more than $110 billion in financial aid dollars that are available to even high-income families and business owners. The strategies presented will help parents protect assets by maximizing their eligibility for aid, effectively lowering college costs.

Parents will learn the optimum time to get the strategies in place, and why waiting to file forms until the financial aid deadline causes people to miss out on getting the full amount of aid available.

MEFA College Financing Presentation in the WRHS Auditorium: 10/10/18 at 6pm

Designed for parents of college-bound seniors, this seminar will provide information and clarity on the entire college financial aid application process. Parents will learn about financial aid applications and types of financial aid, the factors that determine your aid eligibility, how colleges determine the amount of aid to offer, and the details of financial aid award letters.


Please contact your son/daughter's school counselor directly!