Colinization Of Texas: For Anglos

Made by: Adam S., Sarah C., John F., and Larissa S.

Spain had first opened Texas to Anglo-Americans in 1820, less than one year before Mexico achieved its independence.

Cheap Land!

The land here is only $1.25 but if you want to move into Stephen F. Austin's colony then it cost 12.5 cents. In Texas each head of a family, male or female, could claim a head right of 4,605 acres at a cost about four cents an acre ($184) payable in six years, a sum later reduced by state authorities. $1.25 an acre for a minimum of 80 acres ($100) payable in specie at the time of purchase.


Families are one of the requirements but if you don't have a family you can make a partnership.


Also to come here you must become roman catholic but if you don't it isn't a problem as long as you don't publicly enforce your religion. Each immigrant has to take an oath and professed to be a Christian. In 1834 the state decreed that no person should be molested for political or religious beliefs as long as he did not disturb public order.


Another thing you must do when coming here is become a Mexican citizen and pledge your loyalty to Mexico. Beginning in 1824 when the Mexican Republic adopted its constitution, each immigrant took an oath of loyalty to the new nation.


It was inconvenient for those wishing to marry because there was no provision for civil ceremonies, and only priests had authority to perform nuptial rites. Anglo-Texans unwilling or unable to seek a priest in Catholic communities received permission from the authorities to sign a marriage bond promising to formalize their union when a priest arrived.


It might seem like it gets super hot here but it actually is only hot in some parts of Texas and can go from snow to desert.

A Fresh Start

Texas is a great place to have a new beginning if your past wasn't exactly the best.


Texas has very great land for growing crops ,hearding animals, and farming too.