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February Re-cap

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#StyleBoss Meets #CookieBoss Challenge starts NOW!

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Don’t know any Girl Scout families? Why not choose another charity you want to support and book for a cause? Find more about our Girl Scouts USA partnership and stay tuned next week for more to come as we crush this challenge together!!

February Promotions

Amanda Schecter/ Star Stylist

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Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Start Date: 2/1/16
Stats (an example would be mother of 2, previous realtor, love to decorate and garden): Wife, former teacher, current full-time administrator in an urban middle school, love to dance.
Fave Part of S&D Business: Setting goals for myself and my team and rooting us on to achieve them.
3 Month Goal: To hit Star Stylist at least one more time before attending Hoopla, and help at least two girls on my team promote (one to Star and one to at least Associate Stylist). I want to continue saving my S&D earnings to put toward a down payment on a new house and pay off our trip to Europe for this October! :)

Kylie Epperson/ Star Stylist

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Vandalia, MO

I am a full time mom and bookkeeper for our family farm. In addition, I am happily married to my husband of three years and together we have one handsome baby boy, Rhett, and are expecting our second child in August.
I love that Stella & Dot allows me to socialize and style other women on a flexible schedule all while making money!

My three month goal is to earn Glam One, hit Star again and continue to sponsor and promote my stylists! Coaching is so fun and rewarding!

Amanda Wilson/ Senior Stylist

Hometown: Powhatan, Virginia
Start Date: April 2016
Stats: I love my job as a History & Government teacher at Powhatan High School and also coach baton twirling with the Royalettes in Richmond, Virginia. I enjoy spending time with family & friends, traveling stateside and abroad, spending as much time as possible at the "Rivah" or Myrtle Beach, shopping and New Orleans Saints Football!
Fave Part of S&D Business: Setting and working to achieve individual goals, helping others achieve their goals and building relationships with customers. And last but certainly not least, the JEWELS! :)
3 Month Goal: I hope to continue to work towards Star and attend my first ever Hoopla!

Autumn Agugliaro/ Associate Stylist

Kaylyn Evans/ Associate Stylist

Amy Coddens/ Associate Stylist

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Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

Start Date: January 12, 2017

Stats: Mother of 2 girls, full time job, avid yogi, deep love for usable / wearable fashion.

Fave Part of S&D Business: Helping other women feel pretty! I LOVE when others get super excited about a piece - it makes my day!

3 Month Goal: I injured my knee the day I signed up, and have really been hustling from bed! I only have had 2 in person shows, the rest has been online. I don't know when my knee will be healed or what they are ultimately going to do, so my plan is to keep in keeping on until I can walk without crutches again!

Amanda Kirkendall/ Associate Stylist

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-Willcox, AZ

-Joined on January 15, 2017

-Mom of an 8 year old boy, Kaleb, run a family business full-time plus another home based business, love hiking and running and am a self proclaimed wine connoisseur.

-My I love so many things about my S&D business, from walking in my closed every morning getting to pick out the pieces to wear that day to getting to hang out with friends and drink wine and try on jewelry, but my favorite part has been getting to met so many new and amazing people!

-My 3 month goal is to hit $5000 pqv, sponsor 2 more stylists and help my stylists reach their goals. I also have my sights on that roller bag!

Courtenay DeLuca/ Associate Stylist

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Hometown: McDonald, PA

Start Date: July 2016

Stats: Mother of 2 (5 year old daughter & 2 year old son), Instructor at the Energy Innovation Center,

I love to workout and spend time with my family.

Fave part of S & D business: I love the jewelry and accessories of course, but love how empowering and supporting this wonderful group of

ladies is!

3 Month Goal: To promote to Senior Stylist.

Stephanie Najera/ Associate Stylist

Hometown: Clearwater FL

Start Date: July 2016 (I think the 20th)

Stats: (mother of 3..Julia is 13, Aiden 10, and my stepson is 9) during the day I work for a fantastic animal hospital as a certified groomer and certified veterinary technician. Will be celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary at the end of the month. Favorite things to do is travel as often as we are able and go to hockey games! We are huge Tampa Bay Lightning fans!

Fave Part of S&D Business: the amazing people I've met so far! By far the most valuable asset to being part of S&D!

3 Month Goal: save up enough money for my husband and I to take our next trip! Plan is to make it to hoopla! Hoping to reach senior stylist by then too!

Natalie Parr/ Associate Stylist

Hometown: I'm originally from Pittsburgh, but we live in Leesburg, VA

Start Date: January 4th

Stats: married, third grade teacher, lover of fashion, exercise, and wine (if that's allowed to be in there) hahah!

Fav part: My favorite part of Stella has been the outpouring of support from my team from Day 1 and all the uplifting, positive, women I've met!

3 month goal: To continue to meet and style fabulous women and work toward VIP at Hoopla!

Katherine Shepherd/ Associate Stylist

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Kate Shepherd

Hometown - Indianapolis, IN
Start Date - October 12, 2016
Stats - Single mom to a five-year-old boy, Joey, and owner of a PR and communications company, Kate Shepherd Communications LLC, which serves a variety of nonprofit and women-owned business clients.
Fave Part of S&D Business - The encouragement I receive! It's so wonderful to see women lift each other up instead of tear each other down.
3 Month Goal - to add another stylist to my team and promote to Senior Stylist.

Debra Zawadzki/ Associate Stylist

Tiffani Miller/ Associate Stylist

Tucson, AZ

September 2016

Air Force wife, Mom of 3 teenagers (yikes!), full-time Registered Nurse, love to travel and see the world!!

Fave Part of S&D Business is definitely the networking. I am an introvert and S & D has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me grow into a more outgoing person!

My 3 month goal is to hit Star before Hoopla!!

Elizabeth Wagner/ Associate Stylist

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I am from Cincinnati, OH and I teach high school history. I started with Stella and Dot in August of 2016 after my friend kept sending me pictures of all the cute jewels and I couldn't resist! I am a wife, dog mom, and love to exercise at Orange Theory Fitness. My favorite part of being a Stella and Dot stylist is sharing the beauty of it with everyone i meet and helping women style their lives. Plus, I love that I can work at my own pace...some days as a teacher are way too crazy to devote enough time to Stella and that's ok! My three month goal is to sign on a few more stylists and promote to Star...I know I can get there with my team and amazing up-line Amanda!

Top 10 in sales

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Top in qualified stylists

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Look who Qualified 2 Stylists!

Victoria Maiden

Amanda Wilson

Ashley Ayres

Kylie Epperson

Erin Hackett

Lindsay Dixon

Amanda Pollice

Amanda Mcdanel

Stephanie Najera

Elizabeth Wagner

Jessica Spence

Congrats to all who have Qualified 1 Stylist

Autumn Agugliaro

Hailey Bannister

Donna Naylor

Samantha Tunador

Kelly Cox

Elizabeth Bein

Charlotte Pottieger

Kaylyn Evans

Courtenay DeLuca

Jessa Helm

Amanda Kirkendall

Sue Malone

Rachel Hudgins

Kathryn Alexander

Felicia Kettler

Sarah Roeske

Natalie Parr

Karla Brown

Ashley Jarden

Rebecca Creighton

Sarah Holt

Marly Josama

Morgan O'Brien

Sherry Lim

Amanda Knight

Katherine Shepherd

Marly Josama

Rebecca Creighton

Amy Coddens

Chelsea Prehn

Amy Jackson

Shelly Tudor

Margaret Underhill

Tracy Brewster

Michelle Workman

Carrie Wilson

Rachael Ryan

Brittany Rickerson

Renee Hume

Amy Paul

Nicole Brawner

Lynette Addair

Ashley Weisman-Kutch

Nicole Hinton

Corinne Inman

Erin Larson

Sarah Daley

Anna Maxheimer

Way to go Jumstart Earners!!

Jumping over 1,000

Autumn Agugliaro $1,072

Earned over $500

Lex Beiniks $521

Molly Buenemann $506

Earned over $400

Leslie Kline $499

Whitney Steele $496

Claire Capuano $474

Amy Mizenko $456

Leslie Sarapu $446

Amy Follmer $445

Colleen Hall $439

Whitney Playl $435

Naruemon Cheatham $428

Pamela English $428

Scotty Thornton $427

Jen Gilbert $417

Lindsay Dawson $417

Amy Coddens $415

Amanda Kirkendall $403

Earned over $300

Natalie Parr $398

Erin Stott $389

Virginia Nelman $380

Kimberly DiVincenzo-Root $376

Monica Denny $371

Lindsey Uzzle $369

Ashley Howe $362

Peggy Matzen $352

Christa Henderson $336

Zara Williams $335

Rachael Carter $333

Karen Duckett $333

Katie Griffin $332

Summer Phillips $329

Jamie McGuire $329

Jordan Carter $326

Emily Schroeder $324

Kristen Kozak $323

Heather Hudson $322

Brittany Turner $321

Kristin Roberts $321

Ryann Samsel $312

Jamie Park $310

Jodie Dykema $310

Trisha Merker $310

Megan Musgrove $307

Jennifer Ament $305

Earned Over $200


Kayla Satterlee $293

Caitlin Fennell $288

Christina Little $288

Ronna Akins $287

Marissa Studebaker $282

Stacy Belosi $282

Melissa Yuska $276

Melanie Tadrick $275

Jennifer Bridgman $275

April Myers $274

Crystal Daniel $273

Bonnie Darby $271

Whitney Bichsel $269

Kari Mapes $266

Jennifer Lakin $266

Laura Pierce $262

Laura Benson $260

Victoria Puleo $260

Kimberly Rossini $254

Tiffany Lisjak $254

Shae Compton $252

Lisa Zimmerman $250

Collette Atha $249

Sally Miller $249

Amanda Shane $245

Colleen McCarthy $244

Hailee Smith $2433

Abigail Shepperson $243

Kristie Dodson $241

Jaime Hoogendyk $237

Jessica Beshaw $237

Jessica Grusemeyer $237

Crystal Urbanski $236

Ellen Nuckols $235

Amy Owens $235

Jennifer York $235

Melanie Bryant $234

Michaela Rychener $232

Stephanie Laxton Noriega $232

Nikki Carrington $230

Summer Martin $230

Elizabeth Opitz $228

Kristin Hardt $227

Page Schmid $225

Kristen Kozak $225

Jami Randall $224

Kristen Rohaley $224

Nicole Simon $223

Tamara Rosholt $221

Frances Allen $220

Erin Stuckmaier $219

Carina Vayo $218

Julie Reeder $215

Deborah Wenzel $215

Kasia Noblett $215

Britney Huff $213

Anjie Henry $213

Maria Stols $212

Stacey Blizzard $212

Kelly Cartwright $212

Morgan Greis $212

lori cropp $212

Deirdre Jones $211

Sara Lichter $210

Peyton Shelmadine $210

Jamie Lumb $210

Peggy Hall $210

Stephanie Thomas $209

Katie Kirby $208

Rachel Parker $208

Allison Fernandez $207

Andrea Baines $207

valerie Ibarra $206

Michele Wyss $206

Heather Elzeer $206

Gaethane Josama $203

Ashleigh Brendel $202

Ashley Casey $202

Jessica Picou $201

Earned Over $100

Helen Park $!56

Stephanie Schmitt $154

Sarah Bigham $129

Lauren Zornow $123

Debbie Johnson $119

Rebekah Peters $119

Melanie Specht $117

Kelsey Fogle $117

Natalie Endicott $116

Jennifer Ayers $114

Taylor Wright $109

Revathi O'Neal $107

Crystal Telle $106

Tamra Chan $105

Tiffany Perkins $104

Weekly Opportunity Calls & Webinars

Star+ Leader Call

Monday, March 13, 2017 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST

This call is for Star Stylists+ to hear updates and inspiration from Home Office!
Dial In: (800) 747-5150 | Access Code: 2390843
UK Dial in: 08004960577 | Access Code: 2390843

For more Home Office Coaching calls and call recordings:

Power Hour Prospecting!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM PST

Join your Regional Sales Director and a featured guest stylist at the top of the hour to hear the reasons to book with the words to say and lots of inspiration. You will be challenged to reach out and book for next 45 minutes, then join them back at the end of the hour to share results and celebrate!

Join us on the Extraordinary 2016 Facebook page for this live training!

Hope Everyone has a great Week!! Let me know if you need anything!

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